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Davio’s | Buckhead | Phipps Plaza

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All content ©Mark Petko Photography (click here for permission)

Georgia Mountain Rainbow Trout, Summer Vegetables, Little Clam Herb Broth

All content ©Mark Petko Photography (click here for permission)

Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse

3500 Peachtree Rd. NE (Phipps Plaza)

Atlanta, GA 30326


www.davios.com (link)

I get by with a little help from my friends.  I’ll admit it.  I’m easy.  I’ll jump into the sack with anyone willing to show me a good time…(when speaking of photography for this blog).  Some of the restaurants showcased here on Spoonfed have been introduced to me through connections with PR firms.  I see this as a win/win scenario.  Dividing my time between two cities and trying to find paying work has tested my time management skills enough so if I receive notice from anyone willing to make an introduction between me and a restaurant, then by all means, hook it up.  This connection provides me with a place to practice my photography and also benefits the restaurant with some extra exposure.

One of the PR firms that I have worked with in the past and has also introduced me to Davio’s is Melissa Libby & Associates specializing in the restaurant/food industry.  One of the many ways Melissa and her team do a great job representing their clients is through their blog Atlanta Dish and also through their social media accounts such as twitter (@MelissaL).  Always on the cusp with new information, Melissa Libby is a great source for ‘what’s the what’ in Atlanta cuisine.  On this particular shoot I was visited by team members Meryl Arnett and Tuan Huynh.  Even though it was nice to have company while I shot, I fear I may have bored them a bit.  First off, not that I’m a chatty fellow to begin with but especially when in the zone of shooting, I’m fairly quiet while involved in work.  Second, food photography is a fairly dull process if you are not directly involved in the capture.  Don’t get the wrong impression, I’m having fun but for those in the dugout, it may not be as exciting as a fashion shoot or celebrity portrait session.  Setting up a shot, finding an angle, and tweaking lights in between captures, I’m sure, is not fun to watch from a close distance.  They were troopers and hung in until the end, another testament to their professionalism and dedication to their clients.  Thanks y’all.

Davio’s is the latest addition to a small chain started in Boston by Steve DiFillippo.  ”The idea behind Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse was simple, regional Italian foods with a focus on the grill” (from their site).  How spring rolls fit into the scheme? I’m not sure but anyhoo…that’s how they roll.  (Sorry, shameless pun).  Along with the appeal of their menu is the ability to sidle up to the bar facing into the open kitchen to enjoy not only the eating of a meal but the visual of watching it being created.  The Atlanta location, fixed at Phipps Plaza, is led by executive chef Bennett Hollberg.

All content ©Mark Petko Photography (click here for permission)

Carni- 14 oz Prime Natural Aged New York Sirloin

Seared Organic Salmon, Sundried Tomato-Mascarpone Orzo, Charred Tomato Battuto

Davio's Steak House Burger, Crispy Onion Rings, Manchego, Brioche Roll

Macedonia of Fresh Fruit, Citrus Broth, Mini Sweet Ricotta Cannoli

All content ©Mark Petko Photography (click here for permission)

Here are some other firms that have helped me connect with Atlanta restaurants: (if I have forgotten you, sorry, let me know…)

The Reynolds Group, Inc.

Karen Canavan PR

Deborah Evans- demarketing@bellsouth.net

Green Olive Media (Haven’t worked with them but they do their own cool stuff, worth a look-see)

We’ve Moved!  Check out the updated website with new coverage of food photography in your city at The Spoon Feeds.com

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Written by Mark Petko

September 30th, 2010 at 9:12 am