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Leon’s Full Service

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pig smorgas, benton’s country ham, melted gruyere, cherry jam, pineapple on toast


Leon’s Full Service

131 East Ponce De Leon Ave.

Decatur, GA 30030


www.leonsfullservice.com (link)

I had heard about Leon’s a while ago just by being somewhat conscious.  It was hard not to.  Created by the owners of the much loved Brickstore, just around the corner,  Leon’s reputation preceded itself before we were formally introduced.  It was on my list of ‘someday’, maybe I’ll get there to eat.  It’s quite a haul from Marietta and even further from Raleigh.  But at the recommendation of an ex-photographer, now financial guru friend, our time to meet one another was set as if we were on a blind date, not knowing much about each other, seeing some pics and asking around and each of us deciding, “why not, what’s a little peck on the cheek?”

At early contact, thru email, I was asked if I minded being there during the same time as another photographer, doing a shoot for a local business magazine.  My blind date was starting off two-timing and playing the field.  You dirty….  ”Ooohhhhhh man, two vipers in the same pit.”  I joked, reassuring that I was used to working with anywhere from 7 to 15 photographers elbow to ribcage and that there would be no problems from me…I think I’m pretty easy to work alongside (comments welcome to the contrary, go on, speak your mind…).

I arrived and set up finding a nice little spot to begin.  It wasn’t long before the other photographer arrived, we quickly got to talking and as is common with the photo community in Atlanta, found that we knew some of the same people.  Judging by our similar outlook, I could tell there would definitely be no problems and it was a great opportunity to meet another mentor and maybe pick up some tips from a seasoned pro.  Here is one:  At the end of the shoot he loaded up the ‘shot’ edibles in take out containers and hit the road (oh yeah, I could learn a lot from this guy!)  John Haigwood based in Roswell has been working as a photographer in Atlanta since 1988.  Check out some of his work here.

Having read some of the other blog posts and reviews on Leon’s and fearing even more repetition, I will spare the usually verbal chronicles and let the images speak to the deliciousness of their food.  I would like to first link you to some of the reviews: here.   And also, more importantly, mention that this post is going up in time to spread the word about Leon’s One Year Anniversary event: (from their site).

One Year Anniversary party!!! Tuesday Feb 9th… we’re roasting a whole pig! Live music from tongo hiti-featuring Mike Geier and members of Kingsized, tiki cocktail features

So stop on in grab some hog and let them know how good their food looked on Spoonfed (Atlanta)!

See more Leon’s events: here

All images and words ©Mark Petko Photography

grass-fed beef burger, tillamook cheddar, house made catsup, mustard, bread & butter pickles

pork, grilled all natural chop, roasted fingerlings, greens, orange chimichurri

baby arugula, candied lemon peanuts, black cherry vinaigrette, grana padano

fish, crispy skin mountain trout, endive & radicchio, cashews, apricot vinaigrette

bird, grilled duck breast, golden beets, dried cranberries, orange duck jus

All images and words ©Mark Petko Photography

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Written by Mark Petko

February 1st, 2010 at 2:56 pm