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Miso Izakaya | Atlanta

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All content ©Mark Petko Photography (click here for permission)

Miso Izakaya

619 Edgewood Ave. SE.

Atlanta, GA 30312-1987


www.misoizakaya.com (link- new website, soon to be live)

My first impression walking into Miso Izakaya and meeting owner/chef Guy Wong was how young Guy seemed to be.  Possibly a reflection on the daily realization of my own fading youth (ie. “Meh, these kids these days are looking younger and younger.”) or possibly a missed judgement.  I didn’t ask, nor found out, how old this ‘Guy’ is and maybe he has the Peter Pan effect of being older than he actually looks, forever a youngin’.  Regardless, what was presented in the youthful 20-ish looking package on first impression plays no effect when considering Wong’s maturity and potential.  I was impressed when he quickly admitted that when he opened his restaurant about a year ago, he received some negative reviews and feedback on the initial offerings at Miso.  Wong’s maturity allowed him to not be deflated by these comments but rather to take a higher road and consider what was being said.  He has since reassessed his direction and adjusted his menu and is currently in the process of a rebirth.  The day I was there shooting is the day that from Creative Loafing- Cliff Bostock’s re-review of Miso hit the stands.  The favorable mentions marked a stepping stone to the potential of growth and possibilities that await Guy and those at Miso.  Followed by some other favorable recent reviews and talk amongst people,  especially of the creative twist on ‘sliders’,  it seems Miso Izakaya is on the brink of gaining some positive momentum to carry on into the days ahead.  Taking the concept from “Izakaya” in Japan, roughly describing a Japanese drinking establishment, or Saki shop where substantial food is served, Guy’s Miso Izakaya offers just that.  Some small plates, and larger entrees, a variety of libations, all delivered in a comfortable atmosphere great for after work gastro-exploration in self described “tapanese” fashion.  Being located in the growth happening on Edgewood, Miso is positioned for an optimistic future and Guy’s plans reflect that, with hopes to expand a patio or deck into the vacant lot adjoining his space allowing for more outdoor dining and possible nightly musical additions.

All content ©Mark Petko Photography (click here for permission)

Takoyaki (octopus balls)

Soft Boiled Soy Egg

Salt & Pepper Quail

Karubi (Beef Ribs)

All content © Mark Petko Photography (click here for permission)

We’ve Moved!  Check out the updated website with new coverage of food photography in your city at The Spoon Feeds.com

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Written by Mark Petko

April 1st, 2010 at 12:14 pm