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RA | Sushi-Bar-Restaurant

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All content ©Mark Petko Photography (click here for permission)

Lunch Sashimi Assortment- 4 slices each of: tuna, yellowtail & salmon

RA Sushi

1080 Peachtree St. NE

Atlanta, GA 30309


www.rasushi.com (link)

I attempt to do a bit of research before visiting a location to shoot.  I believe it to help in obtaining a mindset conducive for achieving optimal photography that is in line with the aesthetic of a restaurant.  So having done some poking around the internets pre-RA-shoot and taking a quick gander at RA’s website revealed in ‘judging a book’s cover’ form, that which is RA.  Based on a franchise chain headquartered in Arizona, and currently fathered by Benihana, Inc., RA makes their web introduction by presenting themselves as a fun, sleek, sexy, cosmopolitan, sushi-bar-restaurant.  By having this persona as a hip, modern, sleek-anese restaurant, I was not surprised upon reading some other blog postings and reviews when the common preemptive disclaimer ,”I wasn’t expecting much…” reared it’s ugly mug.  This bothered me a bit because like the others, I found myself entering, in maybe not the most open of mindsets.  Walking into a place with expectations is a dangerous habit.  We sell ourselves ignorant when this happens and RA proved me wrong.  Granted when I first arrived and was greeted by all the pretty people, housed in an obviously decorated atmosphere, I was on the defensive.  But after spending some time there, my guard dropped. By meeting and talking with some of the staff I started to feel at ease and found myself enjoying the space.  I feel I would be much happier accepting it for what it is and not expecting it to be something I wished it to be.  Sure it may seem like it is trying too hard but RA never fronts about what it is.  It is confident in knowing that it may not supply the sushi purist with a cartwheel inducing meal, but they will do just fine playing hip music, serving the sushi-fused food and drinks they want to and being a place to have fun and not take yourself so serious.  Some of those that walked in with low expectations were pleasantly surprised, others were doomed of mind before a fair chance was had.  But accept it for what it is and you may enjoy some pleasant surprises.

Getting ready for March Madness, RA is introducing ‘Maki Madness’ sushi eating contest with all proceeds being donated to Bert’s Big Adventure.  I have a friend that has some experience participating in Bert’s Big Adventure and she could not speak highly enough about how important her and her daughters’ time on the trip meant to them.  If you wish to be part of a really great, heart touching charity, Bert’s Big Adventure is the place to do it.  Find out more details on Atlanta Dish.

All content ©Mark Petko Photography (click here for permission)

'RA'llipop-tuna,salmon,yellowtail,spicy tuna mix, lettuce, asparagus & cucumber wrapped in lobok; served skewered with garlic ponzu sauce

Hot Mess- crispy rice balls topped w/ spicy king crab mix; baked & finished with jalepeno & cilantro

Tunacado-seared ahi tuna dusted w/ Japanese rice cracker bits & black sesame seeds; served with fresh avacado & creamy ponzu dipping sauce

Viva Las Vegas Roll- kani kama crab & cream cheese rolled in rice & seaweed, lightly tempura battered & topped with spicy tuna, kani kama crab mix & sliced lotus root; finished with a sweet eel sauce & spinach tempura bits

All content ©Mark Petko Photography (click here for permission)

We’ve Moved!  Check out the updated website with new coverage of food photography in your city at The Spoon Feeds.com

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Written by Mark Petko

March 11th, 2010 at 2:36 pm