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Shaun’s (Edgewood Social Club)

1029 Edgewood Ave. NE

Atlanta, GA 30307-2543


www.shaunsrestaurant.com (link)

As I become a bit more attuned to the culinary surroundings here in Atlanta there seems to be commonly repeated themes that find their way into my presence.  Lift your ear to the wind and eventually you will hear repeated names. Do a little poking around on the inter’webs’ trying to research anything culinary in Atlanta and you will soon see persistent patterns.  One such common theme that I have found is that of ‘Shaun Doty’ and his restaurant ‘Shaun’s’.  After hearing and seeing his name multiple times, I decided to make an attempt to seek him, whom was often spoken of, and was able to visit Shaun’s (Edgewood Social Club) in Inman Park.  It was the first time since starting this and my other photo-blog Spoonfed (Raleigh) that a chef or owner requested that I be there during a dinner service.  It is customary for me to be as least invasive as possible to a restaurants operations while attempting my measly photographic pursuits, but it was his desire to keep their system in place, and since they change the menu daily the preparations would not be happening until the regular time, just before dinner service.  I can appreciate one’s schedule and the fact that the importance of any day revolves around the food that is to be delivered to hungry patrons.  I arrived, set up and dabbled around a bit while the staff partook in the customary ‘crew dinner’ and daily meeting discussing that evening’s menu.  I noticed, not only a personal and homey feeling from the atmosphere but also from how the group worked together and how they interacted with me.  Some showed interest in photography, others just flat out asked if I needed a hand, and now and again throughout the shoot someone would stop by, peek over my shoulder to see what was happening.  There were hints throughout the evening that alluded to the fact that this is not just a restaurant owned by a chef, but it is a home, nurtured for by Shaun Doty, open to guests.  He provides opportunities for many to enjoy his food not only with the daily offerings of bistro fare but also with an inexpensive weekly pasta dinner and an occasional gluten free menu for those with such dietary requirements.

Join Shaun’s anytime or on Tues. Jan. 19th for a wine dinner with Michael Beringer to launch Artesa.

or on Fri. Jan. 25th to celebrate Tommy Taylor’s opening at Whitespace gallery with a special $29 Tommy Taylor menu and $6 Tommy-tinis

Crispy Sardinian Flatbread; local arugula, ricotta salata

Chinese Pork Buns; dim sum style

Kobe Beef Cheeseburger; white cheddar, brioche bun

Shaun's on Urbanspoon

All images and words © 2010 Mark Petko Photography

We’ve Moved!  Check out the updated website with new coverage of food photography in your city at The Spoon Feeds.com


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Written by Mark Petko

January 13th, 2010 at 12:31 pm