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Dave Jones | Eat Buford Highway

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So I have decided to expand the parameters of the Spoonfed blog project and this post is the first of  a series that will occasionally appear.  As is the ultimate goal…this blog keeps me shooting.  It forces a camera into my hands and shoves me out the door among the feared universe to explore and discover, capture and reflect upon.  I revel in the idea of challenging myself by immersion but as of late I have noticed that the pursuit, although it has led to some visually appealing food-smut, runs the danger of becoming stagnant (to me at least and as of now this blog is mostly a self-serving entity, until google decides to buy it…hello…anyone from google…are you there…oh well, I can wait).

This new facet of Spoonfed will explore people with a similar interest in food blogging.  I have recently linked to Urbanspoon and noticed a list of 82 other food bloggers just in the Atlanta area, and these are only the ones linked with Urbanspoon.  So in keeping with ‘photographing anything culinary’, I will attempt to meet and shoot portraits of some of these other bloggers.  Shooting portraits is a totally different beast than shooting food and I feel the practice would do me good.  Luckily, with one stone and two birds,  it was a goal of mine for my ‘monthly self-assignment’ for February to shoot some environmental portraiture. Some more of which can be seen here on my photo blog, Blown Out! (blog).

Instead of diving head first into unknown waters I opted to dip my toe just a bit to test it out.  I asked a fellow blogger, whom I had actually met before if he would help me on starting this endeavor and lucky for me, he obliged.

This is Dave Jones….(spare the ‘locker’ jokes, I’m sure he’s heard’em)…

©Mark Petko Photography (click here for permission)

Dave pens the blog Eat Buford Highway.  It consist of occasional jaunts exploring the ethnic treasures found in Atlanta with an emphasis towards the Buford Highway region, Atlanta’s own ‘little HispanAsianic’ territory laced with a barrage of wonderful treats.  Alongside some restaurant trips Dave also posts some home cooking experiments with some product pointers on ingredients that most Food Network viewers still may not have heard of.  Dave says, “It started mostly out of frustration. I was looking for information on places I had never tried on Buford Highway and was having a hard time finding it. I kept finding dated articles on the same old places. My first thought was to do a comprehensive compendium of Buford Highway dining, but that became daunting really quickly. The blog is really a loose compilation of some of my explorations of food and cooking, and while I’ve tried to stick with the “Buford Highway” theme – focusing on ethnic food, primarily, I admittedly drift around. I’m currently working on prepping another blog with a friend that will have a broader approach to food. Hopefully that will let me keep EBH a bit more focused.”

We met at the Food Court at 5385 New Peachtree Road housing the Hong Kong BBQ, and Chong Qing Hot Pot among others.  It was a place we had met before for an impromptu ‘food bloggers’ eat up organized by Dave and shared by yours truly, Octosquid, Live to Feast, and Food Near Snellville.(beware fellow bloggers…I want to shoot you).

Dave is a pleasant fella that became involved in food at an early age since his grandfather owned Jones’ Open Pit Barbecue just a stone’s toss from Daytona Speedway in Florida.  He may try to fool you into believing that he is floundering with his blog and that he may not know much about food but don’t be duped by his nonchalant demeanor of smoke and mirrors.  He knows what he talks of and he writes it well.

When asked if he has any ‘must read’ blogs that he visits regularly he replys, “Sadly, I don’t have as much time to catch up on blogs as I’d like. In my reader, I’ve got a folder of Atlanta food blogs that I try to skim over once a week, and I’ve got another folder of “other” food blogs.

When asked about ‘must visit’ restaurants…

Wow, that’s hard – there are so many, and I change my mind constantly.
Manchunhong – Chinese/Korean
Pho Dai Loi #2 – Vietnamese
El Pastor – Mexican
Cho Sun Ok – Korean Barbecue
Quoc Huong – Vietnamese – best banh mi
El Pollo del Rey – Peruvian chicken
La Casona – Colombian
Wareong Corner – Indonesian
Chinatown Food Court
Mings, Mings, Mings

Pay him a visit and comment on his blog. Eat Buford Highway or follow him on twitter @EatBuHi

I realize this is a long shot but if any other Atlanta based food bloggers are not camera shy and wouldn’t mind sitting for a portrait please contact me.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts from Raging Burrito (Decatur), RA sushi (midtown), and the Brickstore (Decatur)

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We’ve Moved!  Check out the updated website with new coverage of food photography in your city at The Spoon Feeds.com


Written by Mark Petko

February 24th, 2010 at 3:18 pm