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the Foodie Buddha, Exposed! (kinda)

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As of late, I have been desiring some new directions and challanges with Spoonfed (Atlanta) and have been thrashing around some ideas as to how I can improve upon it and retain interest for myself and anyone else who decides to spend time viewing.  Last year I had toyed with the idea of photographing ‘other’ Atlanta based food bloggers and had started with one showcasing Dave Jones of Eat Buford Highway.  Shortly after, having been in contact with some other bloggers the project took a back burner due in part to other paid jobs and the usual Spoonfed ‘restaurant’ show case.  Another factor of this being that some of those whom agreed to be photographed, stated conditions upon keeping their anonymity.  This quickly threw me for a loop as to how I was going to photograph my counterparts in such a way.

So as this new year turned, I found myself again asking the questions and decided to retreat to my favorite spot to meditate upon the dilemma. It was there, after some deep breathing exercises and a quick out of body trip to the lower bardos, that upon my return, a vision appeared to me from through the sage brush (or whatever them-there plants are).  The vision quite clear and somehow I felt as if he seemed oddly familiar….

I sat for a moment as the figure paused, looked my direction and waved for me to follow.  At the blink of an eye I found myself in an Atlanta landmark.  Sights and sounds began to fade-in and the hustle and bustle became all too real.  I was suddenly taken aback with life’s greatest question…What will I have?

I followed this calling and the vision and clarity began to fill my senses.  It was at that moment, as the air was thick with grease…when I realized…could it be…was he real…yes, yes, I think it is…

I have seen…

the Foodie Buddha!

The Foodie Buddha. A most excellent, notorious, infamous, loved by some, admittedly ‘not’ by others, Zen-tastic of all bloggers in the Atlanta area.

I followed the Foodie Buddha to his mountain top perch, overlooking the city, his domain…where all one needs is a laptop, some disposable income and an appetite, to reach Nirvana.  We sip martinis and talk of deep spiritual issues such as TV, other food blogs, movies, current letters from food critics to chefs and vice versa.  We chat-chit into the evening and as the aura of this great, wise, experienced guru envelopes me I come to the realization…

Maybe photographing other bloggers and keeping their identity hidden isn’t all that difficult.

Many thanks to Foodie Buddha for the insight, inspiration, wisdom and shameless ability to roll around on the floor, in public, to wear a sumo suit to help me to attain my moment of clarity.

Next trip to Atlanta, dinner is on me…sans sumo suit.

We’ve Moved!  Check out the updated website with new coverage of food photography in your city at The Spoon Feeds.com


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Written by Mark Petko

January 31st, 2011 at 5:42 pm