5 steps to follow for a successful web design company in Brisbane

If you are trying to build a successful web design company in Brisbane remember the following tips or steps which will take your fledgling business to one of the most sought after ones in Brisbane and maybe even Australia (You need to dream big to succeed!!!).


Step / Tip – 1

Build a team: No company succeeds because of one person’s work. No one person has all the skill sets required to run and grow a company. It takes a team. So build a team with people who have complementary skills, people who can do what you cannot or better than what you can. Build a company culture where everybody collaborates and there is a bit of healthy competition. You don’t have to pay high salaries and get the best people, get people who understand the vision you have for your company and are willing to work with you to achieve it.


Step / Tip – 2

Keep educating yourself:  You have decided to get into a field which is constantly evolving. Whether it is coding or design techniques the technology is changing every year, every month and sometimes every day. So take some time out of your schedule to keep learning whether it is online, through books or may be even attending classes and seminars. Find out what is the latest by talking to young people and students. Have discussion groups at your office.

You are not just a designer; you are also an entrepreneur, which means you need to learn the skills to be one. Learn nuances of finance, marketing so that you understand and are able to manage the other aspects of your business.


Step / Tip – 3

Understand your customer: This is the first rule that any marketing or sales book teaches you. In the case of a web designer this is doubly true. A website is not just for show, the website is an integral part of business strategy for most of your customers. This means you not only need to know your customers tastes, you need to know his business inside out. You need to know his competition; you need to understand his mission and vision and most importantly his business strategy and how he plans to deploy your website designing capabilities for his success. So research him before you even meet him.

Take feedback whenever you can and try improving the quality of customer delivery each time. A delighted customer saves 20% of your marketing costs for the future.


Step / Tip – 4

Planning and Organisation: Planning and organisation are key stones of any successful business. Planning save you not just time but also money and resources. You are running a company and so you will have more than one project to deliver at any given time. Each of these projects will have multiple people working at different points of time. Planning and organisation will help you keep track of where each project is and if you need to intervene to get things done or move. It will also help you know where your resources are going and where corrective actions need to be taken to strengthen your team and company.


Step / Tip – 5

Network and Connect:Finally, take the time to attend seminars like design conferences and gatherings of professional groups like International Webmaster’s Association to network and connect with not just others in your industry but also your client base, your investor base and the people from the government. These will help educate you, connect you to people who can help grow your company further.

I end by quoting the good book which says “Go forth and flourish”

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